Friday, February 3, 2017

Scenes From Our Week

My children started their new school year last Thursday, January 26.  Before heading back to school, we had a wonderful outing with Tia Vanusa and friend, Larissa.  Here are a few of the many pictures I took.  We had a marvelous time at SESC, a local sports facility in our city.  They also have theatre productions and special "expositions." We don't utilize this place enough.  When we do, we always really enjoy it and say, "we really need to come more often!"  This particular day the exposition was on the olympics and the children enjoyed it very, very much.

I played with little man in the toy area and Vanusa played games with the girls in the game area for the first while.

What I could see of the girls game from where I was!


Weekend activity with Daddy...he made them crowns and they were pleased!

And our first days of school and back to work...

First day of Pre-school 2 & 2nd Grade

Hard to believe my girl is off to 2nd grade already.

Noah off to his second year of pre-school!

Look what mommy did with her first quiet, long afternoon alone!  

And Tuesday found me off for my first day at my new job.  My classes officially start on February 14th, but I am delighted to be "required" to fulfill my salary hours at school where I am busy as a bee preparing, planning and reading a ton!

And I had to add these pictures because I think they are too cute in their uniforms that finally arrived!

Sorry about the fan in the background.  It's real around here...even in pictures!

While our new normal and schedule has certainly been an adjustment the last week, I am very grateful that it seems to be going suprisingly smoothly.  I can only thank GOD for that!  I was so very concerned on so many levels, but He is taking such good care of us.  It is further proof that the events that have taken the children and I to this school are truly a GOD THING.

The children are enjoying their new school and I am just thrilled to be welcomed so warmly and generously by my new coordinator and co-workers.  We have seriously been wrapped up in their welcoming arms and it is good.

Have a blessed and safe weekend.  We will see what we end up doing this weekend.  It was quite a shock to look at my calender and see NOTHING for two whole days.  Either I am forgetting something or we will indeed have time to take a deep breath this weekend.

                                                                        Blessings galore,

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