Thursday, December 28, 2017

Joy, Peace and Good-Will to Men

 Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2018 from our Family to Yours!

Chloe Maria-7 Years Old

Noah Miguel-4 Years Old

World news, local news, yahoo headlines and google searches show us a much different reality than what we HOPE for but with JESUS, I am confident that 2018 can be full of Joy, Peace and Good-Will...starting in me.  

May this year be the year that we grow a little bit closer to Him, become a little more like Him, spend just a little more time in His Word and look outside ourselves just a little bit more to the world around us that needs Him so desperately.  

A little bit of the last few weeks of 2017 for our family:

Noah and his class before our schoolyear ended on December 8th

The event of our year: the birth of Caleb, our beautiful nephew.  A miracle baby who has brought much joy and excitement to the entire family.

We are all in love...

Christmas gift exchange in Chloe's classroom in early December

Christmas party with my students: I taught them how to make cutout cookies and then they decorated them.  

Chloe saying goodbye to her buddies for the summer.  There were many tears the last week of school for our girl.  She loves so completely and so deeply.  Six weeks away from her friends and changing teachers for 3rd grade is just heartbreaking!

Decorating...finally...for Christmas!

Another use for Christmas stockings!!!

The children's School Cantata was absolutely beautiful and so very well done.

Our family and friends who were able to join us for the children's Christmas Cantata.  It was so special to have them there.  Meant so much to my children.

Dress up Photo Booth at my little friend's 15th birthday party

I was so honored to be invited to Victoria's 15th birthday party, a very celebrated event in the life of a Brazilian girl.

I literally graded my student's final exams and papers, emailed their grades to my coordinators and packed my bag and left for five full, but wonderful days of training with Griggs International Academy.

One of the highlights of my week was rooming with this lovely young woman, Luminita.  She is Romanian and married to her Brazilian prince for exactly the same amount of years as I am married to mine!  We spent hours talking about everything under the sun and ate a ton of delicious food all.week.long.  I learned so much from her in five short days.  It amazes me how God orchestrates things to bring me in contact with the most amazing people in the world.

Chloe singing in our little church's Christmas service.

Christmas Day at Avo Rosa and Avo Jorge's house..and yes, it is very HOT here if you are wondering why our little boys are shirtless!

Caption completely unnecessary!

Singing Happy Birthday to Jesus!

I think all I have to say about this is some boys will just always be boys!!!

Our traditional acting out of the Christmas Story

Mary and the Angel

Baby Jesus...who did NOT enjoy being baby Jesus!


Noah and Mommy have been home just the two of us the rest of this week.  Chloe is enjoying a few days at her grandma's house and Noah has spent hours playing with his legos, drawing sets, bow and arrows, batman glove and books.

My loves enjoying a few hours at the park one day before Christmas.
Blessings to you and your family as 2017 draws to a close and we welcome in 2018!

Love, Jama for the Brazil Bunch

Thursday, November 16, 2017

Where in The World Did October Go?

Honestly, sometimes my days fly by so fast it leaves my head spinnnnninnnnng...

It is so trite.  And so true.

I really was going to make an effort to post more often and before I know it...another month...and a half has disappeared.  

So, here we go!  October Highlights.  Drumroll please!

Our 10th Year Wedding Anniversary on October 6, 2017

There are few things better in this world than dinner out with this handsome guy!

My first cooking class ever-Vegetarian Food with my dear friend, Vani!

This morning was good for my many ways!  I could get addicted to cooking classes!

A wonderful field trip with my students to the Sao Paulo Symphony Hall

Pictures simply cannot do this place justice!  It is one of my favorite places by far that I have visited here in Brazil the last 10 years and I have seen a lot of amazing places.

Just to prove I do work here as a teacher, this is me during Parent/Teacher Meetings!

Every month finds us attending many birthday parties and October was no different.  I think we only had four this month...if I remember correctly!  This is Noah with his little classmate friend, Manuela.  Her party was a new experience for me.  Her mother hired a crepe catering company.  I ate two huge plates of crepes and salad.  It was out of this world!

Chloe enjoyed getting all made up as much as I enjoyed the food!

Noah even allowed a little painting...

Noah and his friend, Gilherme

Like I was heavenly!!!

More art classes...

I was so honored to have a fellow Griggs teacher from out of town give a class on music for me.  He is an accomplished violinist and captivated my students and I's attention.

She is one of my favorites.  Her afternoon birthday tea one of my favorites.  Words can in no way describe my love, admiration or respect for this woman who God has used to bring much joy to my years in Brazil.  I love her.  Dearly.

Oh, have I mentioned before that part of my Brazilian journey is learning to LOVE afternoon tea times with friends???  Brazilians do so many things well, but one thing they are professional at is eating.  Oh, do we ever EAT WELL!!!
That is all for now, folks!  That is our October journey in a nutshell.  

November is well...almost over and my children and I are super excited that our schoolyear is also almost over!!!  Whohhoooo for summer vacation just around the corner.